• Hadrians wall bathhouse ruins

    Hadrian’s Wall Path

    Hadrian’s wall path is a hiking route that is based upon the old Roman wall that separated the Roman empire from the barbarians on the other side. Depending on which way you walk the route starts at Newcastle upon Tyne and ends in Bowness on Solway. The route is one of the smaller hikes that you can do and in my opinion a great hike. You will meet lots of interesting characters and if your a history buff than this is the walk for you. Reasons why I walked the Hadrian’s Wall Path All my life I have been interested in Roman history, this coupled with Hiking makes for a…

  • Porto camino

    Camino Portugal Coastal

    The Camino that starts in Porto Portugal (Or Lisbon) and ends in Santiago is a popular route for people that do not have the month to spend on the Camino Frances. It is also a good starting point for people that want to do their first Camino. I walked the Camino Portuguese because it was my first time doing a Camino and I wanted to try it out. The hikes that I did before this where all backpacking trips with tent. So sleeping in a hostel or alberque every night was new for me and quite the luxury. If your thinking about doing a Camino I highly suggest this route.…