• Opinel no 9 knife on stone
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    Opinel No 9 carbon – My go to Hiking knife

    There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for a Hiking knife. You can go lightweight and modern like the Kershaw or Spyderco knives. Or you can go the heavy way and pick up a big and tactical knife for hiking. But at the end of the day pretty on long distance hiking it comes down to weight and how wel it cuts your food like cheese and sausages. And of course the occasional string or packet. How long have I owned Opinel knives? When I was 6 I got my first pocket knives from my parents. This was a crappy Chinese made knife that was kind…

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    Best navigation apps to use – Camino Portugues

    When you are walking either the Coastal Camino Portugues or the inland one then it is very handy to have a navigation app on your phone. This helps in a great number of ways and is in my opinion hard to do without. The apps I list down below are great for finding your nearest Alberque, water, nearest point of interest and additional information you will need along the Camino Portugues. What Phone do you need? All you need is an Android Smartphone, get one with a decent camera and processor and your good to go. I did the Camino with my already bought Nokia 6.1. The pictures with good…

  • plaggenstekerspad1

    Hike the Netherlands – Plaggenstekerspad

    This is a short Hike in the Netherlands in the little village Hoenderloo. Hoenderloo is a popular vacation destination on the Veluwe in the province of Gelderland. The town grows every summer because of the many visitors to the vacation parks and National park the Hoge Veluwe. Which is connected to the town for easy access. The Plaggenstekerspad is a 12 KM hike around the town and the surrounding countryside. And can be enjoyed for a short hike. Like many popular hikes in the Netherlands this belongs to the Klompenpaden or clog paths. You can find all the Klompenpaden in the Netherlands on the following site. https://klompenpaden.nl I started the…

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    What to bring on a day Hike?

    Day hiking is a fun activity for the weekend, just a day off or even an exciting first date. Hiking is good for many things an the question of what to bring on a day hike always comes to mind when starting out day hiking. It depends very much on the hike itself and in what terrain you will be hiking in but here is the baseline. Some food that’s already prepared or quick to assemble. I would not suggest taking a cookset with you. Unless you cant go without your cup of coffee or tea. Water, this is an important one. Take 1 full 1 liter bottle and backup…

  • Hiking in the netherlands

    Hiking in the Netherlands

    Hiking in the Netherlands is a very popular activity, every Sunday you will see a lot of folks in the woods and on the different trails in the Netherlands. It is an activity that is popular for young and old, you will encounter couples, people walking there dogs, people with kids and the hikers that are on the longer trails such as the PieterPad. For the Health benefits of hiking is a common reason for Hiking in the Netherlands. And just enjoying the nature in the Netherlands. If you live in the Netherlands or are on vacation here then you can set off in pretty much any area. Chances are…

  • hiking health statue

    Health benefits of Hiking

    Hiking is healthy for you, that wont come as a shock to you. But what is it good for exactly? Well in this blog post for Hike for Purpose we are going to find out. From your heart to your limbs, hiking has it’s advantages. When hiking your heart will get a workout, if you carry a load on your back and carry trekking poles the rest of your body will to. Hiking is a serious workout if you go on uneven terrain and load up your backpack. What is Hiking good for? And what exactly do you train? Lower your risk of heart disease Improve your blood pressure and…

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    Meindl Sahara boots review

    Meindl is a boot manufacturer that is very popular in the EU, started in Germany in the 17th century it is an old company. They make boots for all sorts of tasks. From Military to casual shoes. I have always been a fan of Meindl boots and especially the Sahara model. These boots have carried me from America, England, Scotland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and last but not least the Netherlands. Read the review of the shoes on this page. Comfort The comfort of any shoe is incredibly important, with Hiking shoes this gets even more important. When your walking on them all day over tough terrain or cobble stones then…