• Hiking in the netherlands

    Pole camp grounds in the Netherlands

    Wildcamping in the Netherlands is not allowed, but there is a way to legally camp in nature areas at the Pole Camp grounds in the Netherlands. Here is how. Setting up your tent and sleeping anywhere you want comes with great freedom. On popular hikes around the USA, Scandinavia, Iceland and Scotland you can do this within certain rules. But since the Netherlands is such a tiny country with a lot of people living in it, this can be unwise. Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch forestry management institution. Has started to recognize that there is still a need for certain people to get away from the crowded campsites that litter the Netherlands.…

  • trangia alcohol stove
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    Alcohol stoves for hiking

    In the present day a lot of people use the gas canister stoves for hiking. Are Alcohol stoves still useful for hiking? Yes they are! Next to Gas canister stoves there are a bunch of different options to take with you hiking. Think off Solid fuel stoves, the newer wood gas stoves and Petrol stoves. But next to that has always been an Alcohol stove. The main advantages of an Alcohol stove are that they: Lightweight Easy to make yourself Cheap to buy Cheap to find fuel for Easy to find fuel for (Does depend on country) Requires no maintenance and often does not have moving parts. My history with…

  • Grolsch bierfles van Koen van Os

    Cool stuff I found while Hiking

    In the Netherlands where I hike the most I have found a bunch of cool stuff before. Like a beer bottle from the 1960’s of a major brand. If you keep your eyes open while hiking you can stumble upon a lot. From geocaches to much more. I happened upon the beer bottle while walking around the woods in Hoenderloo. I never seen that beer bottle before from that brand so I was curious enough to bring it with me. Every beer bottle I find in the woods goes with me. Because if you recycle it here in the Netherlands you get 10 cents for it. When I got home…

  • Winter hiking blazes

    Winter hiking in the Netherlands

    Winter hiking is something I really enjoy in the Netherlands. When the first snow comes the forest and heath fields turn into something beautiful. Lets dive into the best hiking in the Netherlands during winter! In the Netherlands the winters are not that tough as in many other parts of the world. Minus 10 degrees Celsius is about as low as it will go. For this reason you can go out and hike in some of the more beautiful parts in the Netherlands all year long! If you want to avoid the big summer crowds in the woods this time of year also lets you be as alone as you…

  • music headphones for hiking

    Music headphones for hiking

    Music is something everyone can enjoy at all times and is something from all times. These are my picks and idea’s for hiking headphones. Headphones for hiking should be affordable, well built and resistant to abuse. To many times have I lost them and broken headphones while on trail to recommend to you to take your 500 dollar headphones. Music is something that can get quite expensive with headphones. We are going to focus on the more affordable ones that I have personally used while hiking. Reasons to take headphones while hiking Their are hikers that prefer to listen to the sounds of nature and nothing else. In some parts…

  • Hiking socks bridgedale and meindl boots

    Different socks for hiking

    Socks are a major point of debate in the hiking and backpacking world. Or are they? Some brands and materials are better than others. Lets dive into them. What are the most comfortable socks? For me the answer is always Merino wool socks. When its hot out I put on some thinner ones and when its cold out I take a mid weight sock. And everything in between. Merino wool socks work best because they wick the moisture away and lessen the chance of blisters. Pay attention to the lessen the chance. Because blisters are always a possibility. Merino wool and wool in general has the ability to maintain temperature…

  • Drying sage 1
    Hiking food

    Drying Sage for backpacking

    Sage is a integral part of my cooking spices and I always miss having it around when backpacking. Drying sage and taking it with you backpacking is easy and fast. Follow along with the steps to upgrade backpacking recipes! Equipment list Pairing knife Bowl Cutting board Dehydrator, oven or summer sun. Sage Step 1, pick the sage For backpacking and hiking I like to pick only the younger and greener leaves. For drying at home picking the whole twig is more commonplace. But when out backpacking and hiking this is not needed as your only using the leaves. I am fortunate enough to have a garden with a huge sage…

  • Hadrians wall tent MSR hubba NX
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    Investing in expensive gear for hiking when starting out

    If you are just starting out with hiking the cost of all the gear can get very expensive. But here is the question, should you get top quality gear when starting out hiking? Lets dive into it. Nearly everyone can get into hiking, all you need are the basics. Some good boots or shoes, a way to drink and cook and a way to have a comfortable nights sleep out under the stars. When you just get started with hiking and camping you can take the plunge and invest in all the gear. But boots can be easily around 150 dollars. Tent and sleep system can get around a 1000…