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    Different socks for hiking

    Socks are a major point of debate in the hiking and backpacking world. Or are they? Some brands and materials are better than others. Lets dive into them. What are the most comfortable socks? For me the answer is always Merino wool socks. When its hot out I put on some thinner ones and when its cold out I take a mid weight sock. And everything in between. Merino wool socks work best because they wick the moisture away and lessen the chance of blisters. Pay attention to the lessen the chance. Because blisters are always a possibility. Merino wool and wool in general has the ability to maintain temperature…

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    Drying Sage for backpacking

    Sage is a integral part of my cooking spices and I always miss having it around when backpacking. Drying sage and taking it with you backpacking is easy and fast. Follow along with the steps to upgrade backpacking recipes! Equipment list Pairing knife Bowl Cutting board Dehydrator, oven or summer sun. Sage Step 1, pick the sage For backpacking and hiking I like to pick only the younger and greener leaves. For drying at home picking the whole twig is more commonplace. But when out backpacking and hiking this is not needed as your only using the leaves. I am fortunate enough to have a garden with a huge sage…

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    Investing in expensive gear for hiking when starting out

    If you are just starting out with hiking the cost of all the gear can get very expensive. But here is the question, should you get top quality gear when starting out hiking? Lets dive into it. Nearly everyone can get into hiking, all you need are the basics. Some good boots or shoes, a way to drink and cook and a way to have a comfortable nights sleep out under the stars. When you just get started with hiking and camping you can take the plunge and invest in all the gear. But boots can be easily around 150 dollars. Tent and sleep system can get around a 1000…