Hiking in the Veluwe

In the Netherlands there are a lot of different hiking trails. Some longer than others. Veluwe is the green belt of the Netherlands and a popular destination for day hikers. All over the Veluwe you can find day hikes and Klompenpaden or clog trails. Lets dive in with some of the best walks to take!

Right in the center of the country in the Province of Gelderland is the Veluwe. Popular by both Dutch people and Tourists from all over the world for its rich history, museums, old towns and the forests.

You can easily explore a good chunk of this area using public transport and of course, hiking!

Wildlife on the Veluwe you can encounter while Hiking

Wildlife is highly controlled in the Netherlands and for good reason. Or bad depending on your politics. When you go out a bit earlier or later in the day on the different trails you are bound to run in to something if you persist. From deer to wild boar, squirrels and birds are all to be found in the Veluwe. Be ready with the camera for some excellent shots you can take of the wildlife on the Veluwe.

Since a couple of years now if your extremely lucky, you can find wolves in the Netherlands. Previously extinct in the Netherlands since 1869 the wolves are now slowly getting back.

Different forests and heath fields

The area that makes up the Veluwe consists mostly of green forests that are composed of coniferous and deciduous forests. Also there are a lot of heath fields around the area which are always a pretty sight in Summer hiking or in Winter hiking with some snow on the ground.


The pine trees are a familiar site along the Veluwe, the Scots pine tree is one of the most prevalent. Identified with its light brown bark near the top and more growth on top. Together with Birch trees and Beech trees you can hike under the shade of those trees in the Netherlands.

Hiking the Plaggenstekerspad

Although I am biased since I live close to Hoenderloo, the Plaggestekerspad in Hoenderloo is a great hiking trail to explore. You can combine it with a visit to some of the best sites around the Veluwe. And you have the Kröller-Müller Museum close by.

Like most Klompenpaden or clog trails the start of the trail is in a town center close to areas for public transport. Walk around the 12 kilometer long hike in about 3 hours and don’t forget to get yourself an ice cream from Ice from Co!

If you want to see my full walk through of the Plaggenstekerspad you can check it out on the following page.

Hiking the Loobrinkerspad

This clog trail I did recently at the time of writing this post, it was a nice short hike that I will describe in further detail within its own post. I can say that the hike was not difficult at all and took you around some lovely parts of the upper Veluwe. The trail starting point is located at the little village of Emst. And can be done in a few hours, depending on your walking speed.

If your looking for a nice hike to take around this area I can recommend this one. You also have another hiking trail that starts at the same point.

If you want to read more information on this particular clog trail you do so at the official site of the Klompenpaden, mentioned in the last paragraph.

Hiking in Gelderland

Hiking in the Veluwe is hiking in Gelderland. Gelderland is the Netherlands biggest province and has a lot of greenery. Hiking trails are all over Gelderland and you can park at any parking spot near the woods and there is bound to be a hike there. If you look at the different clog trails or Klompenpaden you can find one around pretty easily.

When you are staying in one of the most popular Landal parks, Landal Miggelenberg. You can find some fun hikes to do with children. Starting in Landal Miggelenberg there is the Kabouterpad or gnome trail. At only 1.3 kilometers its a very easy hike to take even for very young children or with a stroller. The hiking trail is marked with funny signs and has facts in Dutch about forest gnomes. You can start that path on the parking lot of Landal Miggelenberg.

Different resources you can use

For hiking on the Veluwe you can use the following resources and sites to find your next hike.

Official site of the Klompenpaden


Staatsbosbeheer Gelderland

If you have any more resources or hikes to add you can always contact me via email or comment down below. Hike for a purpose and happy hiking!

I'm Frank, the main guy and owner of this website. Loves hiking, gear and bushcraft. And can get quite nerdy about them. In the woods several times a week preparing for my next hike. Always searching for another hill, which is quite difficult in the Netherlands. That's why I search around several countries. More about me on the about page.

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