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    Trail Meal | Zaanse Mustard Soup

    In the Netherlands lies the Zaanstreek, one of the original industrial areas above Amsterdam this region is known for its hearty and warming recipes. This mustard soup is one of them. With a few twists to make it more hiker-friendly. Let’s get to the recipe! Mustard has been milled in Zaanstad in the Netherlands for a long time, the most famous company that still does it now is the Huisman brand. A family company that has been making mustard for over 4 generations. The “grove” or course kind is my all-time favorite to put on my bitterballs and croquettes. This mustard recipe has been a long time in development, and…

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    Trail Meal | Hardtack, Sea Biscuit

    Since I first started out hiking and backpacking Hardtack or Hartkeks, as I got to know them. Are a great quick and ready to eat lunch that can be very filling. Here are my favorite ways to eat Hardtack. They come under many different names but are basically the same in many recipes. A biscuit of flour and water that has been twice baked to draw all the moisture out. Since the early days of travel and exploration, these have been part of the diet of ship crews and travelers alike. And still hold a special place in my backpack for those days that you just want to get food…

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    Trail Meal | Fried Onion Couscous

    Couscous is a staple in the hiking community for its ease of preparing out in the backcountry. With one pot needed and not much cooking at all, you have yourself a filling meal. Here is another Couscous recipe to put in your backpacker’s pantry! I thought of this recipe by buying some of the well known ready-made fried onions in the supermarket a few months earlier. With pretty much stuck in a partial lockdown in Germany my mind went to thinking off a few trail meal recipes again. Here is Fried Onion Couscous! Ingredients for Fried Onion Couscous Couscous – preferably the Durum Couscous for better flavor. One cup. 1…

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    Bread on hiking trips

    Bread is a staple in many parts of Europe and the western world. Having bread out in the backcountry or on long distance hiking trips is filling, easy to eat and comforting. Here is how and what kinds of bread to carry. As a Dutch guy, bread is a staple for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even a lazy dinner. You can do basically anything with it. From carrying some butter with you, cheese, olive oil, Nutella. The options go on and on. For many hikers that want to carry bread with them, they notice that the ordinary sandwich bread gets easily squashed in their backpack. Here are the best options…

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    Trail Meal | Semolina Soup

    This time on Trail Meals is a dead simple recipe that is great for any hike. Semolina soup with only a handful of ingredients. Ultralight and very tasty. The recipe is an adaptation from a few different sources and ideas. And adapted to make it as easy to prepare with limited resources and weight out on the trail. When experimenting with other types of soup ideas I stumbled onto research from an old German cookbook. The recipe described here is not really similar but kind off. Feel free to share the correct way to do it or the traditional way. But I had to improvise a little to make this…

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    Foraging Wild Food along Hiking Trails

    Foraging Wild Food when hiking is a great way to boost your otherwise shelf stable backpacking meals with fresh ingredients. Here are some tips and plants. Foraging wild edibles and food is something I grew up with since my family always did it. When times are tough or you just want to try it out along your next hiking trip I can highly recommend it. Eating the same few different hiking meals that you have had for the last few weeks can get quite boring. With wild foraged food you can often stretch food supplies, improve or add an interesting flavor and save weight while on hiking trips! Quick jump…

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    Cooking with Alcohol Stoves

    Alcohol stoves are great lightweight stoves to take hiking. Fuel availability, price and DIY advantages are some of their perks. Here is how to cook with them. As a long time user of Alcohol stoves they have accompanied me on many hikes in the past and will do so in the future. With their great fuel availability you can go pretty much anywhere with these stoves and not having to worry about the right gas cartridges. Stored in a simple plastic bottle or fancier alternative the fuel can last for a good time if you know how to cook with alcohol stoves. How to cook with an Alcohol stove This…

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    How to take eggs with you hiking

    Eggs are awesome, and they can taste as amazing as how you make them. Here are all the ways to take eggs with you on your next hiking trip! Taking eggs with you on a hiking trip always serves me as a way to have the comfort of home food out on trail. As a 2 egg a day person I can hardly leave my friends at home now can I? That is why I have explored a lot of options to take eggs with you out on trail. Here are some of the best methods to take eggs with you hiking or backpacking! Quick jump guide What kind of…

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    Backpacking oil and spice kit

    Spices breed life in to otherwise pretty bland backpacking meals. A spice kit that you take hiking is important for spicing up meals. Here is what to take! Having a backpacking spice kit in your gear bag is a nice feature to have and for not much more weight you can instantly spruce up any backpacking meal or trail meal. Since nearly all spices are dried or cured in some way all the water is taking out of it. The dehydrating is done for you already. If you want to read more about dehydrating your own spices and herbs take a look at the end of this article. Hiking spice…

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    Trail Meal | Couscous with vegetables

    Couscous is one of the easiest trail meal recipes you can try out. Combined with dehydrated vegetables and some spices you have a comfy meal out on trail. There are many different ways to cook Couscous and pretty much every Mediterranean cuisine has one favorite way of making it. Out on trail hiking you want your meals to be quick, easy, tasty and with minimal clean up. So I adapted my recipe from various sources to make it to my tastes. Feel free to do the same with your Couscous recipe. Ingredients 1 cup of Couscous, I use Moroccan Durum Couscous. 1 cup of dried vegetables. I’m using Leeks and…