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    Cooking and eating utensils for hiking

    Trail meals and eating out on trail is a subject of many hiker discussions, eating is a necassary part of bouncing back and be able to hike the following day. It restores your energy and gives you a full belly to sleep on. In this post I will go over the different cooking utensils and cleaning up after yourself on trail. Basic cooking kit layout Your basic cooking kit consists of the following items. A cook pot where you boil your water and food in, a burner or stove to do the heating up with and a utensil to shove it in your mouth with. Other items to have next…

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    Trail Meal | Veg and Sausage Noodle Soup

    Trail meals are easy meals you can prepare and cook within a quarter of an hour. These are excellent to take with you hiking. This article will explain the basics of a go to recipe of mine, feel free to add in any ingredients you like. For the basis of this recipe you will need to stock and prepare the following ingredients. Noodles, take your favorite kind. Dried Cauliflower Dried onions Dried peas Smoked sausage of any kind Your favorite spices or the spice packet in the noodles. The cooking gear you need for this recipe out an the trail are as follows: Mess kit – I carry my Esbit…

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    Hiking food

    Trail meals for hiking and backpacking

    Food is something you can enjoy at anytime, in the modern world you can have the option for Italian for dinner and African for lunch. When out backpacking and hiking choices are a little more limited. But there are some great innovative meals out on trail. In this article Ill share some of my favorite quick and easy meals to make out on trial. Some homemade and some you can scrounge together in supermarkets. MRE’s and ready made freeze dried meals are a good option but I am not going to cover in this article. Ideal time a hiking meal should take When your hiking all day and set up…

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    Drying Sage for backpacking

    Sage is a integral part of my cooking spices and I always miss having it around when backpacking. Drying sage and taking it with you backpacking is easy and fast. Follow along with the steps to upgrade backpacking recipes! Equipment list Pairing knife Bowl Cutting board Dehydrator, oven or summer sun. Sage Step 1, pick the sage For backpacking and hiking I like to pick only the younger and greener leaves. For drying at home picking the whole twig is more commonplace. But when out backpacking and hiking this is not needed as your only using the leaves. I am fortunate enough to have a garden with a huge sage…