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    Best Navigation apps to use for Hiking

    A smartphone is just that, very smart. When out hiking you can use your phone to navigate, communicate and relaxing. The best apps to use, lets go over those! There is a very good chance that you are reading this article on your smartphone. Smartphones are used where ever you are in daily life, at work, at home and on the toilet. The same goes for when you are out hiking. Though a lot of people that are out hiking would agree they are there to leave the technology behind, other people are thrilled to know the exact calorie count and steps taken at the end of the day. To…

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    Music headphones for hiking

    Music is something everyone can enjoy at all times and is something from all times. These are my picks and idea’s for hiking headphones. Headphones for hiking should be affordable, well built and resistant to abuse. To many times have I lost them and broken headphones while on trail to recommend to you to take your 500 dollar headphones. Music is something that can get quite expensive with headphones. We are going to focus on the more affordable ones that I have personally used while hiking. Reasons to take headphones while hiking Their are hikers that prefer to listen to the sounds of nature and nothing else. In some parts…

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    Best navigation apps to use – Camino Portugues

    When you are walking either the Coastal Camino Portugues or the inland one then it is very handy to have a navigation app on your phone. This helps in a great number of ways and is in my opinion hard to do without. The apps I list down below are great for finding your nearest Alberque, water, nearest point of interest and additional information you will need along the Camino Portugues. What Phone do you need? All you need is an Android Smartphone, get one with a decent camera and processor and your good to go. I did the Camino with my already bought Nokia 6.1. The pictures with good…