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    Spyderco Persistence | Knife review

    Spyderco is a well-known brand in the knife world, and their knives are used by a lot of different people in a lot of different professions. The Spyderco Persistence is a lower-budget option in the Spyderco line. And can therefore be thrown about and abused without feeling too guilty. In this review, I share my use of the knife and experience. Knives are needed in a lot of different tasks, my primary use for the Spyderco Persistence is Everyday Carry, and I think it excels in that use case. Affiliate links may be mentioned in this article, by purchasing a product through those links I may receive a kickback. At…

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    Why do we like Alcohol stoves

    Alcohol stoves speak to hikers, preppers, and other people because they are simple, fun to use, and can be made yourself with minimal tools. In this article I dive into all the plusses, and why they remain such a popular option. Alcohol stoves come in a bunch of different sizes and types, everyone has their own favorite design and uses for them. They can be broken down into a few different types which are: My personal favorite types are the wicking variety, with the homemade Fancy Feast stove at the top of that list. For more than a decade I have been using alcohol stoves in all shapes and sizes…

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    Best fuel for alcohol stoves

    Alcohol stoves are a great way to cook food out on the trail, on the water, or as an emergency stove. Here are the best Alcohol fuels you can use and where to get them. Alcohol itself everybody is familiar with, you can not however just use any alcohol in an alcohol stove and expect them to work or function the most efficiently. You have several different options to choose from, and pretty much anywhere in the world you should be able to find them easily. Here is what to use and what to look out for to use for fuel in your alcohol stove. And remember, even if you…

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    Fancy Feast stove | Improved

    The Fancy Feast stove has quickly become my favorite alcohol stove, with its ease of construction, no priming, and no pot stand, it’s just a joy to use. In tinkering around and trying multiple different versions of the same idea. I have found an improvement to make it lighter and more rust-resistant. Read on for the result! Quick jump guide What my concern was with the original Fancy Feast stove using a tomato paste can, was the rust that builds up after prolonged use. Since it’s just steel typical of canned food, it will show signs of rust at some point. Due to being exposed to the heat from the…

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    Prick cartridge Gas stoves

    There are lots of stoves that would look strange in a hiker’s backpack in current times, an old-school prick cartridge gas burner is one of them. Let’s look back on the popularity of these burners, and why they have been replaced in the modern-day backpack from virtually any hiker. Especially in Europe, these prick cartridge stoves from the brand Campingaz or Campinggaz have been immensely popular from the 70s until the early 2000s. Their design makes them easier to use than many other white gas stoves, and more accessible to the general camper. They came in a variety of sizes and outputs. And had a few different gas cartridges. The…

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    Fancy Feast Cook kit

    Since discovering the Fancy Feast alcohol stove I have become a big fan, this is the first alcohol stove I tried that ticks all the boxes that I prefer in a backpacking stove in general. Let’s discuss my cook kit setup that includes everything I need and like when cooking outdoors. The Fancy Feast alcohol stove is like any alcohol stove not the best fit for longer-distance hiking for most hikers, because of the fuel needed to reach the same capabilities as a gas canister stove like the MSR Pocket Rocket 2. It is however still an option that many more experienced hikers take because of the wide range of…

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    MAM Iberica S knife review

    The Portuguese MAM brand makes traditional-styled knives that are very affordable, and often mentioned as an Opinel alternative, I had to test them out for myself. Here is my review of the MAM Iberica S. I was looking for a new lightweight knife without a locking mechanism for hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland. Since knife laws are a bit stricter in the UK, I was looking for a knife that fits the criteria and could be carried without issue. The MAM Iberica S is a short and small knife that can be used as an all-around camp knife for smaller tasks, and could mainly serve as a food…

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    MSR Pocket Rocket 2 review

    The MSR Pocket Rocket is one of the titans in the gas canister stove world, with a solid reputation and beloved by many, it forms a solid choice for any hiker. In this review, I share my thoughts and experience with the stove. Gas canister stoves remain in my standard rotation for many of my different hiking and camping needs, the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is an excellent option for anyone who wants to cook water for 1 to 2 persons and wants to do it fast. Primarily suitable for the hiker that likes to eat dehydrated meals, cook times are unbelievably quick and you can hear why they call…

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    Patina on Mora knives

    Carbon steel Mora knives get a Patina with use, this is not something you can really avoid, but you can stop it from developing further. In this article, I share some tips on how to prevent it, how to remove it and how to care for your Mora knives made out of Carbon Steel. Mora knives are the go-to option for many bushcrafter, hikers, or campers starting out. Or just like the simplicity of the Mora knives. For peanuts, you can have a very capable knife that can be used for everything from food prep to woodworking. For example, the Mora Basic knife has a small, light-fixed blade knife that…

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    Mora Companion review

    Mora is a well known name in the Outdoor community, from bushcrafters, preppers, campers and hikers, nearly everone has heard of the knife brand. Their inexpensive lineup can supply a knife for many different uses and tasks. One of the most popular knives in their lineup is the Mora Companion. Let’s explore all the qualities of the knife in this review! Quick jump guide Construction & Weight Scandinavian grind Blade shape of the Mora Companion Comfortable rubber handle for no slip-ups Low price Alright sheath for the price Steel choices and models for the Mora Companion With a knife like the Mora Companion, you can complete a bunch of different…