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    How to use an Alcohol Stove

    Alcohol stoves are a great lightweight option for any hiker, using one requires some more attention. Here is how to effectively use Alcohol stoves. Using an alcohol stove can be done in many different ways according to the stove type. Alcohol stoves come in many different configurations and types. They can be broken down into the following categories. Trangia alcohol stoves Homemade DIY alcohol stoves Other commercial alcohol stoves All alcohol stoves have the same basic needs and are covered in this article. Quick jump guide Wind protection Lighting and flare-up Turning alcohol into gas and consistent burning Extinguishing and clean up Fuel storage and safety How to use an…

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    Alcohol stove Windscreens

    Windscreens for alcohol stoves are easy to construct yourself and offer a great boost to performance for almost any Alcohol stove. Here are some options. For many of the windscreens that I will be covering you can make it the DIY route. And for others, you can get them cheaply. The difference they make is night and day. Since almost all Alcohol stoves are not pressurized they are very susceptible to the slightest gust of wind. Straight to the DIY Alcohol Windscreen how to Trangia integrated windscreen When you decide to go for a Trangia alcohol stove the Windscreen that you need is already integrated into the stove. With their…

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    Mora Carbon vs Stainless

    Mora knives are a popular choice for bushcraft knives, hiking, and any outdoor activity. The choice between Stainless and Carbon is an easy one. Here is why. Knives of any sort come in a great variety of different steel types. Carbon steel or Stainless steel is a broad spectrum even to choose between. In the case of Mora knives, it comes down to three different steel types. Carbon steel, Stainless steel, or laminated steel knives. Each with its own properties and characteristics. In this article, I explore the three different steel types that Mora has to offer, and explain when to choose what steel type. In any case, this is…

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    Opinel vs Mora knives

    Opinel and Mora knives are a staple in the outdoor community. For every cutting task, they are at the ready. In this article, we discuss the differences and choices between the two knives. When getting started in hiking, bushcrafting, or just looking for a knife for cutting chores around the house. The names Opinel and Mora are often recognized in articles and videos. They are old brands that have gained quite the following in the different outdoor communities. Reliable, affordable, and easy to sharpen for first-timers. Let’s dive deeper into the choice of deciding between the two. Quick jump list Opinel Knives Mora Knives Steel types for Mora and Opinel…

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    Trangia stove review

    The Trangia Alcohol stoves have been around for a long time, bombproof and super simple to use. Let’s go over all its up and downsides in this review. After playing around with homemade alcohol stoves a lot I finally got a Trangia alcohol stove for my first backpacking trips. I knew about the ups and downsides of the stoves and decided that the Trangia stove was going to be my choice for trips to Sweden, the Netherlands, and Scotland. Having an Alcohol stove in Europe is great since the fuel is cheap and readily available. The stoves don’t make a sound like a jet engine, and for camp cooking for…

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    Light My Fire Titanium Spork review

    As far as outdoor cooking and eating utensils go a Spork is a great way combined with a pocket knife to eat out on the trail. All you need is in there. As Sporks go I have tested quite a few, from the free ones you get in different grocery stores. To metal an plastic ones. Cooking and eating out on trail wile hiking is confined in most cases to a single pot or mug. The Titanium Spork by light my fire is one of the best Sporks out there on the market and has been for a long time. Since its first launch with a mealkit in 2005 the…

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    Esbit stove review

    Esbit is a common first stove for many boyscouts, hikers and backpackers. Lets take a look at all the Esbit stove features and what makes them a blast to use! Esbit or stoves of its nature are a common sight along many hiking trails, not only are they very affordable, but also no fuss and easy to operate. Fold it out, put a tab in and light it. And finally set your pot on. That is about as complicated as it gets. Quick jump guide Features and specifications Different kinds of Esbit stoves Ways to modify an Esbit stove for multi fuel use Different types of solid fuels for Esbit…

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    Sawyer Mini water filter review

    The Sawyer Mini water filter is an excellent lightweight and affordable option for water filtration. Here are the reasons for picking one up for your next hike. Water filters are a must have when wandering about on trails and in the woods. Drinking the wrong water can cause some serious problems. Best to avoid those things. But then how do you filter the water that your going to be drinking? The Sawyer Mini or Squeeze come in to play there. Quick jump guide Specifications of the Sawyer Mini water filter Using the water filter Protecting the Sawyer Mini water filter from freezing Affordable water filter solution that works No longer…

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    Klean Kanteen water bottle review

    Klean Kanteen makes water bottles out off stainless steel and are a great option for hikers and backpackers. Here is my review after 8 years of use. The Klean Kanteen water bottles where for me a good choice for my backpacking, hiking and bushcraft trips. Since they are made out off solid stainless steel they are very durable. Without any scary plastics and heatproof. When bushcrafting I often boil water in the Klean Kanteen water bottle to purify or brew up some tea on a campfire. Quick jump guide Specifications of the Klean Kanteen water Bottle. Daily use with the Klean Kanteen Conclusion on the Klean Kanteen Besides using the…

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    Anker PowerCore review | Hiking

    Anker is a popular powerbank manufacturer, in the hiking world they have settled themselves as a staple. Here is my review after several 100 kilometers of hiking. Hiking today can be as tech focused as you want it to be. From using your smartphone for pictures, a smartwatch to track your body vitals and your GPS as a navigation tool. All those devices need charging. What most hikers do is carry a powerbank around with them. The question then arises at what powerbank to choose. The answer I found was the Anker PowerCore 20000. Overkill for many, but a peace of mind that I value highly. There are several different…