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    Anker PowerCore review | Hiking

    Anker is a popular powerbank manufacturer, in the hiking world they have settled themselves as a staple. Here is my review after several 100 kilometers of hiking. Hiking today can be as tech focused as you want it to be. From using your smartphone for pictures, a smartwatch to track your body vitals and your GPS as a navigation tool. All those devices need charging. What most hikers do is carry a powerbank around with them. The question then arises at what powerbank to choose. The answer I found was the Anker PowerCore 20000. Overkill for many, but a peace of mind that I value highly. There are several different…

  • Cup of coffee
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    Sea to Summit X Cup review -Space saver

    Carrying a cup around is something most hikers do. And a lot of hikers don’t and instead opt for just the cooking pot. I always liked carrying a small cup with me. And the Sea to Summit X Cup has been in my pack for several years now. Here is why. If you enjoy having a cup of coffee in the morning or tea you can easily drink out of your cooking pot. If you are rocking a titanium cooking mug like the options from Toaks or MSR out there this cup is probably not for you. However if your cooking kit looks more like mine perhaps a separate cup…

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    Opinel carbon vs Inox

    Opinel knives are a staple in the hiking and outdoor community. For their wickedly sharp edge and a lot more. But how to choose between the two steel types? That is what we are going to exploring in this article, for reference points I have my Opinel number 9 in carbon and the Opinel number 8 in Inox steel. Both I have used and had great experiences with. However, there are a few key advantages and disadvantages to either. Quick jump guide Main differences between the two steel types in Opinel The case for Opinel Carbon knives The case for Opinel Inox knives Which steel is better for hiking? What…

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    Best 4 Lighters for hiking and backpacking

    Fire is an integral part of being human, it warms you up, it cooks your food and provides safety and comfort. When hiking and backpacking it is essential to carry with you. Here are the best lighters. Like a lot of gear items in hiking you can buy lighters for any purpose. Fancy Zippo lighters that appeal to the bushcraft community or the mini BIC lighters that are for the UltraLight hiking community. All lighters have a primary function. Being able to create fire. Some fire lighters are better than others in that regard. And offer different kinds of waterproof levels, resistance to the elements plus many other factors. Affiliate…

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    Victorinox Spartan review – Great for hiking

    Victorinox is one of the first pocket knives people think of when asked about pocket knives. And for good reason. Here is why you should add a Victorinox knife to your backpack for hiking. Not every knife brand can say that they have established themselves as much more than just that. A manufacturer of knives. Victorinox has over the years expanded to many different products. From quality Swiss Watches to luggage designed for years of use. In this review, I am going to be focusing on their Victorinox Spartan pocket knife. A classic in their knife lineup and suitable for all manner of hiking and everyday use. Affiliate links are…

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    Down vs Synthetic sleeping bags

    In the choice between a Down or Synthetic sleeping bag there are lots of opinions and differences. Lets shed some light on the one for you. Quick jump guide Use cases for Down sleeping bags Different Down Fill power Use cases for Synthetic sleeping bags Different Synthetic fillings Sleeping bags for thru hiking What is the best material for a sleeping bag? Advice on buying a sleeping bag The mayor differences and upsides for Down versus Synthetic sleeping bags are. Down Sleeping bags Synthetic Sleeping bags Lighter weight Generally heavier Smaller pack size Bulkier pack size Water sensitive More resistant to water Expensive Lower price Requires more care Easier to…

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    Exped Synmat UL Sleeping Pad review

    Getting a good nights sleep is important in day to day life and especially on trail. With the Exped Synmat UL I have been sleeping comfortably for 2 years now. Lets dive into the review! Exped is a company that started taking over the traditional self inflating sleeping pads by other companies like Thermarest. I like many started out with an self inflating sleeping mat when I first got into hiking and camping. I always slept alright on that mat but when I got older I needed something a little more than 2.5 centimeters to sleep on. Bullet points Excellent and comfortable sleeping mat at 7 cm thickness Takes 3…

  • Sleeping-bag-liner-cover
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    Sea to Summit Reactor sleeping bag liner review

    This is a review of the Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping bag liner. The liner boosts the temperature rating of your sleeping bag and keeps it cleaner. I have owned the Sea to Summit Thermolite reactor sleeping bag liner now for over 8 years and it has come with me on many different hiking trips. Whenever I needed a slight increase in my Sleeping bag temperature rating I grabbed the Sea to Summit with me. The reason why I bought the Sea To summit liner is because of a winter camping trip that I did with a coworker. I was not as experienced a hiker or backpacker at…

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    Sleeping bag liners – Are they worth it?

    Sleeping bag liners are a must have in your backpack when hiking with a tent, hammock or tarp. And even for the hostel travelers that travel the world a Sleeping bag liner is a good thing to take with you. Lets dive in to the reasons why you should add a sleeping bag liner to your gear list for camping, hiking and backpacking! Easy to carry Weight is minimal when choosing the right sleeping bag liner. As is the pack size. Combined with a down sleeping bag and a proper sleeping pad you only should need the bottom compartment of your backpack. These three combinations can keep you warm and…

  • Meindl Borneo shoes
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    Meindl Borneo review

    This is my look at the Meindl Borneo boots, after owning and walking in them for 4 years. The boots for the forest industry and for hiking. The Meindl Borneo boots are for heavier work and hiking, as a class B hiking boot they are targeted more for the mountainous terrain or walking on unsure ground. I have used the Meindl Borneo boots primarily for working in the forest and as hiking boots for in Sweden and the Netherlands while carrying a bit heavier backpack. Meindl is a German hiking boot manufacturer that has been around for a long time. With the start of the company at the end of…