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    Hiking food

    Trail Meal | Instant Potato and Leek soup

    Another trail meal that I enjoy cooking while out on trial. This time its Potatoes and Leek soup! Instant of course to make it as simple as possible for yourself while hiking. The ingredients for this trail meal are as follows. Dried leeks (1 cup) Dried Onions (halve a cup) Instant mashed potatoes (1/3 cup) Herbs and spices you like Bouillon cube Two cups of water Optional -> Some kind of meat The gear you need for cooking out on trail: Mess kit – I carry my Esbit cook kit for this. Tea towel for cleanup Spork Pocket knife  Gas stove , alcohol stove or any kind of heat source really. Sea…

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    Tarp under your tent for hiking, makes sense!

    Putting a tarp under your tent is needed for several reasons, most of all it is to make your tent bottom last longer and cleaner. Should you bring one? Yes! Here is why. it does not matter if you are camping on a camp site or stuck out in the middle of the woods. A tarp or tarpaulin underneath your tent makes sense in any situation. You have several different options to choose from when looking for one. In this article I will share my different favorite ways and how to make one yourself on the cheap! Added protection from sharp stones and abrasion This is the main reason that…

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    Choosing a sleeping pad for hiking

    Getting a good nights sleep is very important when out hiking, a good sleeping pad is a big part of this. In this article I go over the different options out there. Whether you are going to sleep under a tarp, a tent or in a bivy bag or hammock. A sleeping pad will make a big difference on the comfort and cold insulation from the ground or air in a hammock. How to choose a sleeping pad for hiking You have a bunch of different options to choose from and they can be split up in the following order: Self inflating style sleeping pads Self Contained inflating style sleeping…

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    How to remember a Camino or Thru hike

    You have done it, you walked all the miles you can go on trail and are back home. Now the post trail depression will set in and you will conquer that to. But how do you best remember all the wonderful and awful moments that you have had out on trail? That is something I will do my best to answer for you. Bullet point list Food and drink takes you back Take lots of photos and videos Create a playlist that is special to your hike Take books that you can reread Tv shows or movies that take you back there Keep in touch with hikers you have met…

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    Best Navigation apps to use for Hiking

    A smartphone is just that, very smart. When out hiking you can use your phone to navigate, communicate and relaxing. The best apps to use, lets go over those! There is a very good chance that you are reading this article on your smartphone. Smartphones are used where ever you are in daily life, at work, at home and on the toilet. The same goes for when you are out hiking. Though a lot of people that are out hiking would agree they are there to leave the technology behind, other people are thrilled to know the exact calorie count and steps taken at the end of the day. To…

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    Gear reviews

    Exped Synmat UL Sleeping Pad review

    Getting a good nights sleep is important in day to day life and especially on trail. With the Exped Synmat UL I have been sleeping comfortably for 2 years now. Lets dive into the review! Exped is a company that started taking over the traditional self inflating sleeping pads by other companies like Thermarest. I like many started out with an self inflating sleeping mat when I first got into hiking and camping. I always slept alright on that mat but when I got older I needed something a little more than 2.5 centimeters to sleep on. Bullet points Excellent and comfortable sleeping mat at 7 cm thickness Takes 3…

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    Getting ready for bed when hiking

    You could just crawl into your sleeping bag while out hiking, but there are some steps that you can take to make your night more comfortable and the mornings easier. In this article I will go over the steps that I always take while hiking with a tent or even staying in a hostel with noisy Pilgrims. And some of the stuff that I have seen from fellow hikers and backpackers. Getting to camp and setting up After a long day of hiking the first thing you want to do is plop down and take a rest. I say take that rest but don’t overdue it. The longer you sit…

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    Gear reviews

    Sea to Summit Reactor sleeping bag liner review

    This is a review of the Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme Sleeping bag liner. The liner boosts the temperature rating of your sleeping bag and keeps it cleaner. I have owned the Sea to Summit Thermolite reactor sleeping bag liner now for over 8 years and it has come with me on many different hiking trips. Whenever I needed a slight increase in my Sleeping bag temperature rating I grabbed the Sea to Summit with me. The reason why I bought the Sea To summit liner is because of a winter camping trip that I did with a coworker. I was not as experienced a hiker or backpacker at…

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    Rain protection for your hiking backpack

    Water and rain are the enemy while out hiking and backpacking. If your sleeping bag gets soaked your in for a tough and dangerous night. In this article we will cover protecting your gear from rain and water. Hiking is an outdoor activity, unsurprisingly you can get wet while exposed to the elements. Keeping your gear dry is essential to keeping your hiking trip fun and safe. It is true that at some point after a week of solid rain you will never be truly dry. But there are certain steps and precautions you can take to minimizing it as much as possible. Sort of backpack It depends on the…

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    Hiking food

    Trail Meal | Dutch instant StampPot

    A staple in the Dutch cuisine is the Stamppot. Mashed potatoes with some kind of vegetable and meat. Delicious and very filling for hiking! You can make many different variations off this meal while out hiking. Lets go over them and read up some tips from a Dutch guy whose diet mostly exists off potatoes and bread. All over the western world you can find the instant types of mashed potatoes. In America you have the brand Idaho potatoes who does them, and in Europe you have Maggi. These kinds off instant mashed potatoes have the only need to add hot water to make them ready for eating. In nearly…