Removing the Safety on BIC lighters

BIC lighters are a great reliable way of making fire on hiking trips. In particular, the BIC mini is the choice for many backpackers out there. Here is how you make them easier to use with Gloves, cold hands, or in general. By removing the safety on the sparker.

This is a project that only requires one tool, a Victorinox Classic, or to be specific, the screwdriver that comes with it. Since it is a nice slender shape the screwdriver fits perfectly underneath the BIC lighter. And can be used to get rid of the safety really easily. So grab your BIC and Victorinox Classic and follow along with the following steps.

Step one, make some room for the screwdriver.

This can be done like this to make sure you have enough room for the Victorinox to slip in there. Pry it gently a few millimeters up, until you can stick the screwdriver in all the way.


After that you can see it lifted up a bit:


Step Two, prying it off

Now it’s just a matter of slipping the Victorinox screwdriver in there and prying it off. Since photos are not sufficient for this to see what is going on, I made a short video on it over on my YouTube channel.

And that is all there is to it. Not a difficult operation by any means. But makes using your BIC lighter out on hiking trips so much more pleasant. Since you don’t have to force the child lock all the time. Disclaimer, don’t use a knife for the same operation and take care not to hurt yourself.

Happy Hiking and Hike For Purpose!

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