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    Hiking,  History

    The History of Hiking

    Hiking is deeply intertwined in the history of humanity, from a way to get around to gather food. A way to march to battle, and finally for fun. Explore the History of hiking. Taking everything you need on your back and walking a long distance through pretty terrain. That is pretty much what hiking is for a lot of people. You can differentiate between a lot of different forms of hiking, from simple day hikes with family members or friends. Long distance thru hiking, and multi day backpacking trips. Encountering History while hiking As a history lover that is an avid watcher of history channels on YouTube and history book…

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    Hiking,  History

    The History of Hiking boots

    Hiking and walking is a big part of Human history, the footwear and boots that we wore on our feet have changed considerably over the centuries. In this article I cover our history of Hiking and walking footwear in an overview. Earliest known footwear Otzi the iceman are the remains of a human being that has been found in the Austrian / Italian Alps. Dating back to 5300 years ago he has been an invaluable resource and a look in to the life as it was back then. What is special about his find is that all his gear is with him and preserved in the ice. From his flint…