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    Light My Fire Titanium Spork review

    As far as outdoor cooking and eating utensils go a Spork is a great way combined with a pocket knife to eat out on the trail. All you need is in there. As Sporks go I have tested quite a few, from the free ones you get in different grocery stores. To metal an plastic ones. Cooking and eating out on trail wile hiking is confined in most cases to a single pot or mug. The Titanium Spork by light my fire is one of the best Sporks out there on the market and has been for a long time. Since its first launch with a mealkit in 2005 the…

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    Cooking with Alcohol Stoves

    Alcohol stoves are great lightweight stoves to take hiking. Fuel availability, price and DIY advantages are some of their perks. Here is how to cook with them. As a long time user of Alcohol stoves they have accompanied me on many hikes in the past and will do so in the future. With their great fuel availability you can go pretty much anywhere with these stoves and not having to worry about the right gas cartridges. Stored in a simple plastic bottle or fancier alternative the fuel can last for a good time if you know how to cook with alcohol stoves. How to cook with an Alcohol stove This…

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    How to take eggs with you hiking

    Eggs are awesome, and they can taste as amazing as how you make them. Here are all the ways to take eggs with you on your next hiking trip! Taking eggs with you on a hiking trip always serves me as a way to have the comfort of home food out on trail. As a 2 egg a day person I can hardly leave my friends at home now can I? That is why I have explored a lot of options to take eggs with you out on trail. Here are some of the best methods to take eggs with you hiking or backpacking! Quick jump guide What kind of…

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    Best Hiking subReddits to follow

    Reddit needs no introduction. For hiking and hikers there are several communities than you can join to mingle with fellow hikers. These are the ones to follow! As a Reddit user since 2014 I have wasted quite a bit of time on the different subreddits. The only constant where time was not really wasted was on the several history subreddits. And of course why you are here, the Hiking, backpacking and camping subreddits. Lets dive into the ones that are worth a look around. Quick jump guide r/TrailMeals r/Hiking r/Backpacking r/CampingandHiking r/Campinggear r/Ultralight r/WildernessBackpacking r/BackpackingStoves Reddit is fun, even for Hikers! Reddit is a great place to reach other hikers…

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    Esbit stove review

    Esbit is a common first stove for many boyscouts, hikers and backpackers. Lets take a look at all the Esbit stove features and what makes them a blast to use! Esbit or stoves of its nature are a common sight along many hiking trails, not only are they very affordable, but also no fuss and easy to operate. Fold it out, put a tab in and light it. And finally set your pot on. That is about as complicated as it gets. Quick jump guide Features and specifications Different kinds of Esbit stoves Ways to modify an Esbit stove for multi fuel use Different types of solid fuels for Esbit…

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    Sawyer Mini water filter review

    The Sawyer Mini water filter is an excellent lightweight and affordable option for water filtration. Here are the reasons for picking one up for your next hike. Water filters are a must have when wandering about on trails and in the woods. Drinking the wrong water can cause some serious problems. Best to avoid those things. But then how do you filter the water that your going to be drinking? The Sawyer Mini or Squeeze come in to play there. Quick jump guide Specifications of the Sawyer Mini water filter Using the water filter Protecting the Sawyer Mini water filter from freezing Affordable water filter solution that works No longer…

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    Klean Kanteen water bottle review

    Klean Kanteen makes water bottles out off stainless steel and are a great option for hikers and backpackers. Here is my review after 8 years of use. The Klean Kanteen water bottles where for me a good choice for my backpacking, hiking and bushcraft trips. Since they are made out off solid stainless steel they are very durable. Without any scary plastics and heatproof. When bushcrafting I often boil water in the Klean Kanteen water bottle to purify or brew up some tea on a campfire. Quick jump guide Specifications of the Klean Kanteen water Bottle. Daily use with the Klean Kanteen Conclusion on the Klean Kanteen Besides using the…

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    8 Reasons to start long distance Hiking

    Hiking is a wonderful sport and activity that can teach you a lot about yourself. Everybody can do it and start in any location. Here are my eight reasons to start long distance hiking. All hikers have different reasons to start hiking, but it all boils down to a few key reasons. When walking a Camino to Santiago de Compostella you will be sometimes asked what your reason is for walking the way. In the beginning I didn’t really have a reason. But the more I got asked the question along the way the reasons became more clear to me. And I hope for you they will to. Peace and…

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    Backpacking oil and spice kit

    Spices breed life in to otherwise pretty bland backpacking meals. A spice kit that you take hiking is important for spicing up meals. Here is what to take! Having a backpacking spice kit in your gear bag is a nice feature to have and for not much more weight you can instantly spruce up any backpacking meal or trail meal. Since nearly all spices are dried or cured in some way all the water is taking out of it. The dehydrating is done for you already. If you want to read more about dehydrating your own spices and herbs take a look at the end of this article. Hiking spice…

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    The History of Hiking

    Hiking is deeply intertwined in the history of humanity, from a way to get around to gather food. A way to march to battle, and finally for fun. Explore the History of hiking. Taking everything you need on your back and walking a long distance through pretty terrain. That is pretty much what hiking is for a lot of people. You can differentiate between a lot of different forms of hiking, from simple day hikes with family members or friends. Long distance thru hiking, and multi day backpacking trips. Encountering History while hiking As a history lover that is an avid watcher of history channels on YouTube and history book…