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    Salomon Speedcross review

    This is my review of the Salomon Speedcross 5 and 3, after walking the Camino Frances starting from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the 5 version. Read on. Salomon is a brand that many hikers are familiar with, they have been a staple in the outdoor community since 1947. And are a solid choice for everyday hiking trips, gear and skiing. What I was always interested in though where their hiking shoes and boots. Since my days at an outdoor store I came in contact with fans of the shoes and picked them up to for myself. The models that I had over the years were always lightweight and more for day hikes…

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    Keeping Your Electronics Charged

    How to keep your Electronics Charged while Camping and Hiking is often a question that hikers and campers have when starting out. With these helpful tips and tricks learned after many years of hiking camping and traveling, you can skip the beginner phase. Hiking without your phone is not an option for many hikers, your phone makes sure you can take photos and videos of your journey. Is your navigation tool and can make sure that you can contact help when needed. Even out in the backcountry, you can sometimes get a signal in the mountains. And when not enough for a phone call, a text can get through in…

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    Mora Basic review

    Need a knife that is affordable, lightweight, and does what it needs to do? The Mora Basic 511 and 546 are excellent choices for any hiker, camper, and bushcrafter. Let’s get into the review. Knives are a standard item in any hikers backpack, you encounter a lot of cutting tasks when you are out in the outdoors. Whether it is for food prep, cutting an improvised tent peg, or starting fires. A knife makes your life a little easier. Mora knives are a staple in the outdoor community and are popular for a reason. With their affordable price, comfort in cutting tasks, and durability while still being made in Sweden.…

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    Trail Meal | Zaanse Mustard Soup

    In the Netherlands lies the Zaanstreek, one of the original industrial areas above Amsterdam this region is known for its hearty and warming recipes. This mustard soup is one of them. With a few twists to make it more hiker-friendly. Let’s get to the recipe! Mustard has been milled in Zaanstad in the Netherlands for a long time, the most famous company that still does it now is the Huisman brand. A family company that has been making mustard for over 4 generations. The “grove” or course kind is my all-time favorite to put on my bitterballs and croquettes. This mustard recipe has been a long time in development, and…

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    Beer and Wine along the Camino de Santiago

    The Camino de Santiago is not a wilderness hike, if you do it like me, you end up every day slightly intoxicated (or a lot) along the ancient hiking route. Here is a recollection about the Beer, Wine, and Spirits along the Camino de Santiago. Doesn’t matter when you are reading this article when your about to start planning for the Camino de Santiago or already walked it. I hope this article can provide some entertainment and headaches whether you walked the Camino already yes or no. After a long day of walking, the heat of the sun burning you, the aches and pain that come with walking every day,…

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    Removing the Safety on BIC lighters

    BIC lighters are a great reliable way of making fire on hiking trips. In particular, the BIC mini is the choice for many backpackers out there. Here is how you make them easier to use with Gloves, cold hands, or in general. By removing the safety on the sparker. This is a project that only requires one tool, a Victorinox Classic, or to be specific, the screwdriver that comes with it. Since it is a nice slender shape the screwdriver fits perfectly underneath the BIC lighter. And can be used to get rid of the safety really easily. So grab your BIC and Victorinox Classic and follow along with the…

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    Wool sweater for hiking

    There are many options for an insulation layer that will keep the cold out during hiking trips. Down jackets, fleece vests, and of course fancy Merino wool sweaters. In this article, I shed some light on the wool sweaters that are an old standby. And compare them to the newer Merino wool sweaters. Quick jump guide Old fashioned wool sweaters Very affordable when bought second hand Spark resistant unlike other newer materials Downside, most of the time heavier than other options Merino Wool Sweaters Conclusion on woolen sweaters for hiking Old fashioned wool sweaters One of my favorite sweater types to wear is wool sweaters, they can be an excellent…

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    E-Reader on hiking trips

    Taking an E-Reader on hiking trips with you is a choice that you can make, let me shine some light on the ups and downsides in this blog post. Reading in your tent with the rain pattering on your outer tent is one of my favorite things to do when stuck in that situation. You can read inspirational hiking stories or read about history. Or just read your favorite books out of the comfort of your sleeping bag. The choice for taking an E-Reader with you on hiking trips is yours to make, but let me shed some light on all the things to consider, and some recommendations on what…

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    Trail Meal | Hardtack, Sea Biscuit

    Since I first started out hiking and backpacking Hardtack or Hartkeks, as I got to know them. Are a great quick and ready to eat lunch that can be very filling. Here are my favorite ways to eat Hardtack. They come under many different names but are basically the same in many recipes. A biscuit of flour and water that has been twice baked to draw all the moisture out. Since the early days of travel and exploration, these have been part of the diet of ship crews and travelers alike. And still hold a special place in my backpack for those days that you just want to get food…

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    Trail Meal | Fried Onion Couscous

    Couscous is a staple in the hiking community for its ease of preparing out in the backcountry. With one pot needed and not much cooking at all, you have yourself a filling meal. Here is another Couscous recipe to put in your backpacker’s pantry! I thought of this recipe by buying some of the well known ready-made fried onions in the supermarket a few months earlier. With pretty much stuck in a partial lockdown in Germany my mind went to thinking off a few trail meal recipes again. Here is Fried Onion Couscous! Ingredients for Fried Onion Couscous Couscous – preferably the Durum Couscous for better flavor. One cup. 1…