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    How to boil eggs while hiking

    Eggs are great, and a good source of protein that is often badly needed for any long-distance hiker. The egg stands in front of many houses out in the country are often my favorite stop along different hiking trails. Here is how to cook fresh eggs while saving both Fuel and Water. Boiled eggs are a great no-mess way of cooking eggs out in the woods. As frying an egg is often impossible due to the need for fat and an ultralight frying pan. Both items are often not in a hiker’s backpack. But leaving your stove burning for longer results in more fuel loss. With this method, you still…

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    Camino's,  Tech

    Camino Frances route map

    The Camino Frances is the most popular Way out of all the different Camino’s, as such, you have a lot of options for navigating it. In this post, I share the options that I personally used and had a great experience with. Let’s get started! During the actual walking of the Way, you will be guided by the many Yellow arrows and waymarkers along the trail. Look out for any shells and yellow arrows, and you will be okay for 99% of the time. The navigation apps or guidebooks are more for your day-to-day planning and getting a real feel of how long the rest of your day is gonna…

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    MSR Pocket Rocket 2 review

    The MSR Pocket Rocket is one of the titans in the gas canister stove world, with a solid reputation and beloved by many, it forms a solid choice for any hiker. In this review, I share my thoughts and experience with the stove. Gas canister stoves remain in my standard rotation for many of my different hiking and camping needs, the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is an excellent option for anyone who wants to cook water for 1 to 2 persons and wants to do it fast. Primarily suitable for the hiker that likes to eat dehydrated meals, cook times are unbelievably quick and you can hear why they call…

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    Camino de Santiago | Packing list

    The Camino de Santiago is not one hiking trail, but rather a series of long-distance paths that all end up in the same place. Santiago de Compostella. Many aspiring pilgrims are unsure what to take on the Camino de Santiago, here is my take on that question after hiking the Portuguese coastal way, Camino Finisterre, and the French way, and what changed in between. Quick jump list Affiliate links may be mentioned in this article, by purchasing a product through those links I may receive a kickback. At no extra cost to you. What do you need to bring for the Camino de Santiago? Gear lists are very personal and…

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    Trail Meal | Sauerkraut Potato Mash

    Related to my earlier recipe for Dutch Instant Stamppot, Sauerkraut Potato mash or “Zuurkool” in Dutch is a winter staple. This recipe uses some ingredients that last a long time in a rucksack in any condition. Read on for the full recipe! Sauerkraut is a food preservation technique that goes back a long way. Famously it goes back to the exploration days on ships to combat scurvy. And as a staple for many militaries on a campaign, the same as the hardtack or sea biscuit is known for. With modern packaging and clever use, you can take Sauerkraut quite easily on hiking and camping trips. This recipe shows a classic…

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    Hot drinks for Hiking

    Hot drinks make you feel more human, just like a hot meal. When thru-hiking, section hiking, or just an afternoon stroll. Having a hot drink is a welcome addition to any situation. Let’s cover some of the drink choices for your next hike! Everybody has their favorite hot beverage of choice, there is little reason not to take your favorite drink out with you hiking. Almost all drinks require little preparation with modern drink mixes, the only downside is that they do require a bit more fuel on a daily basis. Since most often you will have to boil more water or boil twice a day. You can avoid having…

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    Trail Meal | Semolina Pudding

    A good breakfast option that is slightly different from your standard oats is a pudding with a cult following all over the Netherlands and Germany. The go-to dessert, or get well-soon dish from your mom, Griesmeelpap or Griessbrei is easy to make and tasty on the trail. Let’s get into the trail meal! Semolina is used for everything from Couscous to many different pasta types. And in the Netherlands and Germany for sweet pudding. In Germany, there are also the traditional soup dumplings made from Semolina, and even more delicious in my opinion, Griesschnitten. Which is basically the same recipe as today. Only with a bit more Semolina to make…

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    Patina on Mora knives

    Carbon steel Mora knives get a Patina with use, this is not something you can really avoid, but you can stop it from developing further. In this article, I share some tips on how to prevent it, how to remove it and how to care for your Mora knives made out of Carbon Steel. Mora knives are the go-to option for many bushcrafter, hikers, or campers starting out. Or just like the simplicity of the Mora knives. For peanuts, you can have a very capable knife that can be used for everything from food prep to woodworking. For example, the Mora Basic knife has a small, light-fixed blade knife that…

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    Mora Companion review

    Mora is a well known name in the Outdoor community, from bushcrafters, preppers, campers and hikers, nearly everone has heard of the knife brand. Their inexpensive lineup can supply a knife for many different uses and tasks. One of the most popular knives in their lineup is the Mora Companion. Let’s explore all the qualities of the knife in this review! Quick jump guide Construction & Weight Scandinavian grind Blade shape of the Mora Companion Comfortable rubber handle for no slip-ups Low price Alright sheath for the price Steel choices and models for the Mora Companion With a knife like the Mora Companion, you can complete a bunch of different…

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    Fancy Feast Alcohol stove

    There are many different types of alcohol stoves, and I tried quite a few over the years. I think I finally landed on my favorite DIY alcohol stove, like many others, on the Fancy Feast Alcohol stove. Let’s take a look at how you can make it, and how it can perform. Alcohol stoves can have several advantages over other options for backpacking and hiking, the fuel is in most countries around the world easy to find. And available in many Gas Stations, Grocery stores, or even hardware stores. This makes them a good choice for many people in certain types of hikes, there is also a big DIY community…