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    Removing the Safety on BIC lighters

    BIC lighters are a great reliable way of making fire on hiking trips. In particular, the BIC mini is the choice for many backpackers out there. Here is how you make them easier to use with Gloves, cold hands, or in general. By removing the safety on the sparker. This is a project that only requires one tool, a Victorinox Classic, or to be specific, the screwdriver that comes with it. Since it is a nice slender shape the screwdriver fits perfectly underneath the BIC lighter. And can be used to get rid of the safety really easily. So grab your BIC and Victorinox Classic and follow along with the…

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    Wool sweater for hiking

    There are many options for an insulation layer that will keep the cold out during hiking trips. Down jackets, fleece vests, and of course fancy Merino wool sweaters. In this article, I shed some light on the wool sweaters that are an old standby. And compare them to the newer Merino wool sweaters. Quick jump guide Old fashioned wool sweaters Very affordable when bought second hand Spark resistant unlike other newer materials Downside, most of the time heavier than other options Merino Wool Sweaters Conclusion on woolen sweaters for hiking Old fashioned wool sweaters One of my favorite sweater types to wear is wool sweaters, they can be an excellent…

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    E-Reader on hiking trips

    Taking an E-Reader on hiking trips with you is a choice that you can make, let me shine some light on the ups and downsides in this blog post. Reading in your tent with the rain pattering on your outer tent is one of my favorite things to do when stuck in that situation. You can read inspirational hiking stories or read about history. Or just read your favorite books out of the comfort of your sleeping bag. The choice for taking an E-Reader with you on hiking trips is yours to make, but let me shed some light on all the things to consider, and some recommendations on what…

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    Trail Meal | Hardtack, Sea Biscuit

    Since I first started out hiking and backpacking Hardtack or Hartkeks, as I got to know them. Are a great quick and ready to eat lunch that can be very filling. Here are my favorite ways to eat Hardtack. They come under many different names but are basically the same in many recipes. A biscuit of flour and water that has been twice baked to draw all the moisture out. Since the early days of travel and exploration, these have been part of the diet of ship crews and travelers alike. And still hold a special place in my backpack for those days that you just want to get food…

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    Hiking food

    Trail Meal | Fried Onion Couscous

    Couscous is a staple in the hiking community for its ease of preparing out in the backcountry. With one pot needed and not much cooking at all, you have yourself a filling meal. Here is another Couscous recipe to put in your backpacker’s pantry! I thought of this recipe by buying some of the well known ready-made fried onions in the supermarket a few months earlier. With pretty much stuck in a partial lockdown in Germany my mind went to thinking off a few trail meal recipes again. Here is Fried Onion Couscous! Ingredients for Fried Onion Couscous Couscous – preferably the Durum Couscous for better flavor. One cup. 1…

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    Victorinox Classic review

    The Victorinox Classic is one of the classics as its name suggests, this little pocket knife gets gifted probably more than any other knife. Does it provide everything you need for Hiking purposes? Let’s find out. Victorinox is the company that makes Swiss Army knives for as long as Swiss army knives have been a common term. The great steel quality and long lasting knives make for an excellent gift to anyone that is looking for a present for a hiker, or somebody’s first knife. Not threatening and legal to carry pretty much anywhere, the Victorinox Classic SD is a great option that is also very lightweight to carry. Everything…

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    Opinel No 8 review

    Opinel knives are an excellent option for day to day hiking use. Let’s go over all its features and why it is a solid choice for your hiking needs. The history of Opinel knives is a rich one, more so than many other knives that are mass-produced. Although the Opinel knives are very inexpensive, they have found the way into many hikers, chefs, mushroom hunters, and farmer’s hands. For their wicked sharp edge, comfortable handle, and easy resharpening they can offer great value for little investment. And are therefore great for any hiker on a budget. Opinel knives are a favorite of mine, and I covered them in great detail…

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    Patina on Opinel knives

    The Patina on carbon steel Opinel knives is a common thing to happen. Here is how to prevent them, or force them! A Patina on carbon steel knives is a form of corrosion that tends to happen when handling the knife in wet or humid conditions. With Opinel knives that tend to happen from being in a sweaty pocket. Or cutting something with acids or tannins in it. For example, cutting a hazel branch tends to discolor Carbon Steel Opinel knives quite a bit. Quick Jump Guide Preventing a Patina on Opinel knives Forcing a Patina on Opinel knives Conclusion on Patina’s It can bother some people to have their…

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    How to use an Alcohol Stove

    Alcohol stoves are a great lightweight option for any hiker, using one requires some more attention. Here is how to effectively use Alcohol stoves. Using an alcohol stove can be done in many different ways according to the stove type. Alcohol stoves come in many different configurations and types. They can be broken down into the following categories. Trangia alcohol stoves Homemade DIY alcohol stoves Other commercial alcohol stoves All alcohol stoves have the same basic needs and are covered in this article. Quick jump guide Wind protection Lighting and flare-up Turning alcohol into gas and consistent burning Extinguishing and clean up Fuel storage and safety How to use an…

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    Bread on hiking trips

    Bread is a staple in many parts of Europe and the western world. Having bread out in the backcountry or on long distance hiking trips is filling, easy to eat and comforting. Here is how and what kinds of bread to carry. As a Dutch guy, bread is a staple for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even a lazy dinner. You can do basically anything with it. From carrying some butter with you, cheese, olive oil, Nutella. The options go on and on. For many hikers that want to carry bread with them, they notice that the ordinary sandwich bread gets easily squashed in their backpack. Here are the best options…