• cover-phone-charging

    Charging your phone while hiking

    In this day and age, your phone goes with you everywhere. Looking up maps, taking photos or video’s and listening to music. Keeping them charged is the challenge. But is it still a challenge? Not really. With the latest technology that keeps getting better and better. You do not really have to worry about it so much. And the battery life of your mobile phone will surprise you when hiking. Not constantly checking email or watching the latest news will really save your battery. Lets go over the ways to charge your electronics and phone while on trail. Conserving battery power This is of course not a solution to the…

  • Meindl sahara boots on the hadrians wall

    How to Hike more kilometers a day

    Hiking at the end of the day is getting to point A to point B. When on a long distance thru hike you may want to get there faster or slower. Hiking more a day can make a difference. But how do you manage it? Lets discover how you can hike more kilometers or for my American friends Miles a day. First and foremost, hiking a long distance trail is about enjoying yourself and most of the time answering a question you have. If your question is how much can my body take then you can hike as much as you want. If you are going for another reason or…

  • moss-forest

    Handy uses for Moss when hiking

    Moss is a plant you encounter a lot of in the Northern parts of the World. Its uses are many and our ancestors used Moss a lot in day to day life, and so can you while hiking. When hiking in the Northern forests of Europe, United States or Canada. You will encounter a lot of Moss growing on the forest floor and on fallen trees. Moss can be quite handy for Hikers, when hiking you sometimes have to improvise. Lets go over the different uses Moss has and how you can use them while out hiking. Toilet paper in a pinch Cleaning agent Bedding and comfort Wound dressing As…

  • Hiking in the netherlands

    Pole camp grounds in the Netherlands

    Wildcamping in the Netherlands is not allowed, but there is a way to legally camp in nature areas at the Pole Camp grounds in the Netherlands. Here is how. Update 2020 with COVID:It is with mixed feelings that I write this update about pole camping in the Netherlands. With the whole COVID business, the Pole campsites were closed until further notice. However, they have decided to dismantle all the Pole Campsites in the Netherlands. Due to campers not behaving accordingly and leaving trash etc. So this too has been ruined by irresponsible people and hikers. Pick up trash and beware of rules. That’s all. Setting up your tent and sleeping…

  • Grolsch bierfles van Koen van Os

    Cool stuff I found while Hiking

    In the Netherlands where I hike the most I have found a bunch of cool stuff before. Like a beer bottle from the 1960’s of a major brand. If you keep your eyes open while hiking you can stumble upon a lot. From geocaches to much more. I happened upon the beer bottle while walking around the woods in Hoenderloo. I never seen that beer bottle before from that brand so I was curious enough to bring it with me. Every beer bottle I find in the woods goes with me. Because if you recycle it here in the Netherlands you get 10 cents for it. When I got home…

  • Winter hiking blazes

    Winter hiking in the Netherlands

    Winter hiking is something I really enjoy in the Netherlands. When the first snow comes the forest and heath fields turn into something beautiful. Lets dive into the best hiking in the Netherlands during winter! In the Netherlands the winters are not that tough as in many other parts of the world. Minus 10 degrees Celsius is about as low as it will go. For this reason you can go out and hike in some of the more beautiful parts in the Netherlands all year long! If you want to avoid the big summer crowds in the woods this time of year also lets you be as alone as you…

  • Hiking socks bridgedale and meindl boots

    Different socks for hiking

    Socks are a major point of debate in the hiking and backpacking world. Or are they? Some brands and materials are better than others. Lets dive into them. What are the most comfortable socks? For me the answer is always Merino wool socks. When its hot out I put on some thinner ones and when its cold out I take a mid weight sock. And everything in between. Merino wool socks work best because they wick the moisture away and lessen the chance of blisters. Pay attention to the lessen the chance. Because blisters are always a possibility. Merino wool and wool in general has the ability to maintain temperature…

  • Hadrians wall tent MSR hubba NX
    Gear reviews,  Hiking

    Investing in expensive gear for hiking when starting out

    If you are just starting out with hiking the cost of all the gear can get very expensive. But here is the question, should you get top quality gear when starting out hiking? Lets dive into it. Nearly everyone can get into hiking, all you need are the basics. Some good boots or shoes, a way to drink and cook and a way to have a comfortable nights sleep out under the stars. When you just get started with hiking and camping you can take the plunge and invest in all the gear. But boots can be easily around 150 dollars. Tent and sleep system can get around a 1000…

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    Stuffing and storing a down sleeping bag

    After buying your sleeping bag you want to know the steps for storing and stuffing it. This is important to learn for the life of your down sleeping bag and storage space in your backpack. Lets get into the steps Stuffing or rolling your down sleeping bag This can be short and sweet, do not roll your down sleeping bag while on trail. Always stuff the down sleeping bag. This is for a couple of reasons. Its easier and faster than rolling your sleeping bag. Once you get the technique down, stuffing a down sleeping bag is way faster than rolling it. Same thing goes for a lot of items…

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    How to choose a backpack for hiking

    Choosing a backpack for your outdoor adventures can be difficult. In this post I will go over some of the different brands you will encounter while shopping around. And the steps you need to take to decide on a backpack. What kind of backpack do you need? That depends, what are you going to do exactly? Do you want to take short weekend hikes? Or do you want to go on long distance hiking trails? For the first categorie you can pick up a small 20 to 30 liter backpack and call it a day. But for longer distance hikes where your planning to take camping gear and more equipment,…