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    Hiking,  History

    The History of Hiking

    Hiking is deeply intertwined in the history of humanity, from a way to get around to gather food. A way to march to battle, and finally for fun. Explore the History of hiking. Taking everything you need on your back and walking a long distance through pretty terrain. That is pretty much what hiking is for a lot of people. You can differentiate between a lot of different forms of hiking, from simple day hikes with family members or friends. Long distance thru hiking, and multi day backpacking trips. Encountering History while hiking As a history lover that is an avid watcher of history channels on YouTube and history book…

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    Different ways to carry water when Hiking

    Carrying and drinking water is an absolute necessity when hiking long distances. Without it and it not only uncomfortable but outright dangerous. In this article I’m going to cover the different ways of carrying water with you out on trail. Carrying water while out and about has been a cause of concern as old as history itself. Many different ways where thought of during the ages and many of them remain exactly the same in essence. Find a waterproof container and carry it with you. The waterproof container could be a gourd hollowed out, a bladder or skin. Or a metal canteen. Today we see the same water bladders made…

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    Hiking the ancient Roman borders

    The ancient Roman borders or Limes stretch far and wide. If you are a Roman History lover and Hiker you owe it to yourself to hike one of these trails! There are a lot of hiking trails with Historical significance, in every country there is a battlefield or historic site that can be explored on foot. For history lovers and long distance hikers this is a perfect match. As a Roman history buff and a hiker these trails have always had my interest and so far I have hiked two of them. Lets explore the different Roman Limes trails or hikes that you can do throughout Europe! Hadrian’s wall path…

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    How to break in Hiking boots

    Modern hiking boots do not need near as long as a break in period as the full leather boots of old. However they and your feet still need to be broken in before hiking. Lets go over the different ways to do that. These 4 steps you must take to insure your hiking boots are properly broken in. Just go out and hike as much as you can Wear the right socks Change out the insoles with the ones you are going to be hiking in Walk barefoot to toughen up your feet How long does it take to break in hiking boots? There is no magic way to break…

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    Top tips to try on hiking boots

    Choosing hiking boots or shoes is something a lot of hikers struggle with, in this article I cover the basics and things to look for when choosing hiking shoes. Hiking shoes have a long history and quite a bit has changed in the last few years and decades alone. No longer are hikers wearing thick and heavy hiking boots for light trail use in most cases. With the rise of readily available Ultra Light hiking gear hikers tend to drift more towards the lighter trail running shoes. But picking out hiking shoes or boots is still something very personal and depended on what kind of hiking you are going to…

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    Learning skills for hiking

    Hiking is not that complicated, step one pace forward and repeat. However, there is a lot comes around when hiking. Lets go over those skills for backpacking. When you are just starting out hiking I recommend to do just that, start hiking. Look around for hiking trails near you and toughen up your feet and get used to walking all day. Start out with as much as your comfortable with walking and branch out to hiking with full gear on. That is the base skill that you need to get down, getting used to walking with all your gear on your back. Topics covered in this article. Planner and statistic…

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    Setting up camp while hiking

    Hiking and camping go hand in hand, setting up a comfortable home away from home has a big part in making you feel comfortable out in the wilderness or even a campsite. In this article I take you through my steps for it. Order of business while setting up camp Pick the right spot Get out and sweep the spot and your surroundings Set your tent up Get your sleeping spot in order Relax and decompress Picking the right spot to set up camp for the night In order to pick the right spot for setting up your tent you need to take in account a couple of idea’s. First…

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    Tarp under your tent for hiking, makes sense!

    Putting a tarp under your tent is needed for several reasons, most of all it is to make your tent bottom last longer and cleaner. Should you bring one? Yes! Here is why. it does not matter if you are camping on a camp site or stuck out in the middle of the woods. A tarp or tarpaulin underneath your tent makes sense in any situation. You have several different options to choose from when looking for one. In this article I will share my different favorite ways and how to make one yourself on the cheap! Added protection from sharp stones and abrasion This is the main reason that…

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    Choosing a sleeping pad for hiking

    Getting a good nights sleep is very important when out hiking, a good sleeping pad is a big part of this. In this article I go over the different options out there. Whether you are going to sleep under a tarp, a tent or in a bivy bag or hammock. A sleeping pad will make a big difference on the comfort and cold insulation from the ground or air in a hammock. How to choose a sleeping pad for hiking You have a bunch of different options to choose from and they can be split up in the following order: Self inflating style sleeping pads Self Contained inflating style sleeping…

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    How to remember a Camino or Thru hike

    You have done it, you walked all the miles you can go on trail and are back home. Now the post trail depression will set in and you will conquer that to. But how do you best remember all the wonderful and awful moments that you have had out on trail? That is something I will do my best to answer for you. Bullet point list Food and drink takes you back Take lots of photos and videos Create a playlist that is special to your hike Take books that you can reread Tv shows or movies that take you back there Keep in touch with hikers you have met…